"One of the glories of “Fixed” is the riveting natural portrayal of Maria Konstantinidis as Ronnie. Konstantinidis hits intense, correct, and compelling notes. Her performance has no seams. Ronnie mesmerizes because Konstantinidis does. This actress has been standing out in Philadelphia productions. “Fixed” brings her into her own. Konstantinidis makes the most of her opportunity to unleash talent and depth unneeded in most previous roles."                           - Princeton U.S.1, Fixed

  "A dynamic presence onstage..."
 "Konstantinidis' pretty voice beguiles as much as it frightens as the serving girl Aldonza"   
  - Broadwayworld & The Inquirer, Man of La Mancha

"Konstantinidis was hilarious as the Milan cosmopolitan Silvia"
            "Four [leads] are excellent."                  - Broad Street Review & DC Metro, Two Gents

​        “Walnut's SOUTH PACIFIC is simply stunning."
"...superb in every way —vocally assured, characterful, brimming with energy” 

                                                                                  - Broadway World & David Fox, South Pacific

    “Maria Konstantinidis, as Carla, the beautician whose life moves the plot the least,
  is actress enough to build her thankless part into one that seems integral to the show” 

                                                                                                                                  - Neal Zoren, In the Heights


“The delightful Maria... gave me chills every time she opened her mouth [to sing]."
                                                                                              - The Examiner & Philadelphia Weekly, ELFuego


      "Among the outstanding actors in the cast [is] Maria Konstantinidis"

                                                - Broad Street Review, Uncle Tom’s Cabin

 “Konstantinidis displays a beautiful voice.... & admirably leads the show’s singing"
                                                     - Broad Street Review & CityPaper, The Assassination of Jesse James