This used to be a page that contained a bunch of very nice things that people have said about me, my acting, and my singing over the years; but the more I thought about it, the more I considered how much the industry standard of sharing praise about myself was contrary to my beliefs. I believe that God alone is worthy of praise, because if I have any talent, any ability, any good thing, or goodness in me, any breath in my lungs even, it is because He alone gave it to me in His kindness; even in years past, before I believed, when I was hostile to Him and mocked Him, or was embittered towards Him because of difficult things in my life. That said, I want to use this to instead give all the 'good press' to Jesus, who died for me and loved me even while I was wretched, and saved my soul when I called on Him in my worst moment. To my total surprise, I discovered God is real. He is knowable, and wants to be known. He is also kind, which I love about Him. He is also holy, which means He is perfectly Good, and thus He hates evil. We have unfortunately all partaken in evil since we are not perfect, which is God's standard of holiness; we have sinned, and that is a very serious thing; sin separates us from God and is worthy of death. But He promises to forgive us when we acknowledge that and call on Jesus, His perfect Son, in sincerity and in faith, seeking to turn from our sin. Faith that Jesus is who He said He is - God in the flesh. If you're reading this, you have been prayed for. If you have questions, please hit the contact tab and shoot me an email because this is about eternity, and the most important thing we can settle in our hearts and in our minds. We can know God.

T H E  T R U T H  S H A L L  M A K E  Y O U  F R E E - J O H N 8 : 3 2